How to Actually Accomplish Things #4: The Importance of De-Cluttering

Life and Growth

Want to get a quick picture of the state of your life? Look your living space(s). Is it clean and neat and organized? Or is it a mess with clothes, books, and random bits of paper strung everywhere? Would an outsider be able to tell exactly where you’ve been in your car? Or do you regularly throw away the McDonald’s wrappers? I believe that cleaning out your living space is also a way of cleaning out your heart and mind. It puts you in a position to focus on your work, feel at peace, and hear the ideas in your mind and the messages that God wants to give you more clearly....

How to Actually Accomplish Things #3: Show Up Every Day

Life and Growth

Do you have hobbies and projects you’d like to work on, but it seems like there’s not enough time in the day to accomplish them? Or maybe you have a big dream you’d like to see realized, such as writing and publishing a book, starting a business, mastering a foreign language, building a website from scratch, going on the wildest spring break vacation ever, etc. Or maybe you’re just feel like you’re living through your life, going through the motions every day instead of moving towards something significant. If any of the above describes you, take a look at this video by Terri Savelle Foy, one of my favorite ministers...

How to Actually Accomplish Things #2: A Daily Recipe for Sanity

Life and Growth

Sooner or later, the college student finds herself face-to-face with the terrifying realization that she needs to actually plan her day – every day. If this revelation has not dawned upon you, then this, dear reader, is your wake-up call. Here are my three rules for successful daily planning. Rule 1: Keep It Simple… As daunting as it may seem, planning your day doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out, or complex process. In fact, you really only need two tools: 1. a portable planner that has 8 or so lines to write in for every day and a monthly overview calendar 2. A small notebook, ream of loose-leaf paper, whatever...

Craft FAIL: My Lopsided Chunky Hat


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this disaster, it’s this: Never again will I refuse to count my stitches. Actually, maybe I’ve learned a second thing: The time to test your crochet freestyle skills is NOT when you’re using an unfamiliar yarn. I hubristically thought that my crochet skills were good enough that I no longer needed a pattern for simple projects. “It’s just a hat,” I told myself haughtily. “And not even a hat in the round. This is the cheat way to make a hat – all I have to do is just make a really fat rectangle and tie it together at one end. Even a beginner can do...

How to Actually Accomplish Things #1: The Beauty of the “Forest” App

Life and Growth

If you spend an inexcusable amount of time on social media or playing those addictive little phone games, this post is for you. (By the way, it’s for me, too. I love scrolling down Tumblr ad infinitum and playing Candy Crush. In fact, Candy Crush is the sole reason why back in senior year of high school, my college applications weren’t done by Christmas like I had planned. True story. Ask my friends GracieGrace or Alex Powell the Bundi.) This is the first post in a series titled “How to Actually Accomplish Things,” here to help you (and me) start the new year off right! It will cover my journey...

Tutorial: Twist-Out on a Twist-Out

Natural Hair
Me with my little brothers. Day 3 hair.

If you’re anything like me when it comes to your hair (read: lazy), you want maximum results with minimal effort. Unfortunately, when it comes to natural hair, what you put in is often exactly what you get out: minimal effort, minimal results. But now that my hair is finally just long enough to do chunky twists, I’ve found a way around that. This is the first of [hopefully] many more tutorials in the “growing out a tapered cut” category. [Note: this style was designed for hair that is around the short/medium “awkward” length. My hair is about 6 inches long in the front, the longest part, and about 3.5 inches in the back.] Steps 1....

About the Name of This Blog

Life and Growth

Micah. According to the Easton Bible Dictionary, it means “Who is like God?” Clearly it is meant to be a rhetorical question. Isn’t that perfect for me who wants to be a writer – my name is a grammar lesson taught by English teachers everywhere. But for all of my wordsmithing powers, for a long time I did not understand what the supposedly obvious answer to this question was. For a long time when thinking about my name, my logic went something like this: “Who is like God?” Well, nobody, of course. So I guess the answer to my name is nobody. I guess my name is synonymous with nobody....

My Tortured Relationship with A Game of Thrones

Life and Growth, Nerdland
Proceed with Caution

Never have I experienced a piece of media that simultaneously made me want to recommend it to everyone I know and tell them to run away screaming. If you love castle intrigue, rich fantasy world-building, well-developed characters (some of which you love, some of which you hate, and some of which you love to hate), and drama beyond telenovela proportions, then welcome to the club! Run down to your local bookstore and pick up a copy of George R.R. Martin’s first volume of A Song of Fire and Ice. However, if you are one of those people that hates suspense, spins into emotional turmoil when your favorite character dies, or...

A Fandom Reawakened: My Star Wars VII Experience


Before I begin this story, you need to understand that I have been a hardcore Star Wars fan for more than half my life. The little bud of my fandom first began to sprout when I was very young and my dad would show us the podracer scene from The Phantom Menace. Much later I would grow up and realize that this was objectively the only good thing about the movie, but at four years old it was wildly cool, and I felt like a real “big kid” listening to the grinding whir of the podracers. Soon it became an afternoon staple in our house, popped into the DVD player...