Craft FAIL: My Lopsided Chunky Hat


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this disaster, it’s this: Never again will I refuse to count my stitches. Actually, maybe I’ve learned a second thing: The time to test your crochet freestyle skills is NOT when you’re using an unfamiliar yarn. I hubristically thought that my crochet skills were good enough that I no longer needed a pattern for simple projects. “It’s just a hat,” I told myself haughtily. “And not even a hat in the round. This is the cheat way to make a hat – all I have to do is just make a really fat rectangle and tie it together at one end. Even a beginner can do...

My Tortured Relationship with A Game of Thrones

Life and Growth, Nerdland

Never have I experienced a piece of media that simultaneously made me want to recommend it to everyone I know and tell them to run away screaming. If you love castle intrigue, rich fantasy world-building, well-developed characters (some of which you love, some of which you hate, and some of which you love to hate), and drama beyond telenovela proportions, then welcome to the club! Run down to your local bookstore and pick up a copy of George R.R. Martin’s first volume of A Song of Fire and Ice. However, if you are one of those people that hates suspense, spins into emotional turmoil when your favorite character dies, or...

A Fandom Reawakened: My Star Wars VII Experience


Before I begin this story, you need to understand that I have been a hardcore Star Wars fan for more than half my life. The little bud of my fandom first began to sprout when I was very young and my dad would show us the podracer scene from The Phantom Menace. Much later I would grow up and realize that this was objectively the only good thing about the movie, but at four years old it was wildly cool, and I felt like a real “big kid” listening to the grinding whir of the podracers. Soon it became an afternoon staple in our house, popped into the DVD player...