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  • Micah.
  • According to the Easton Bible Dictionary, it means “Who is like God?”
  • Clearly it is meant to be a rhetorical question. Isn’t that perfect for me who wants to be a writer – my name is a grammar lesson taught by English teachers everywhere. But for all of my wordsmithing powers, for a long time I did not understand what the supposedly obvious answer to this question was.
  • For a long time when thinking about my name, my logic went something like this: “Who is like God?” Well, nobody, of course. So I guess the answer to my name is nobody. I guess my name is synonymous with nobody. Who is like God? Nobody. What does Micah mean? Nobody.
  • Who is Micah?
  • Nobody.
  • These were my dark days, when my self-worth was defined only by what I had accomplished in life – good grades, accolades, the prime solo in the Jazz Ensemble. And as anybody who’s living that kind of life knows, no accomplishment ever quite measures up to that little voice inside demanding more, more, more. A note here – these “dark days” ended not so very long ago. Like, a little more than a month ago. A month ago I was lying in my college bed, sobbing, immobile and sinking farther and father down each minute as if the bed were a pool of quicksand, not quite wanting to die but not quite wanting to live either.
  • I wanted to disappear.
  • Now looking back, I realize that I could have very easily come to a different conclusion about my name. Yes, it’s true that nobody is like God – but doesn’t that also mean that only God is like God? What if the logic should go something like this:
  • “Who is like God?” Answer: God. So then what does Micah mean? “The Who who is like God.” Who is Micah?
  • Someone like God.
  • What if instead of thinking that I was a nobody, what if I had instead been thinking about Genesis 1:27, “So God created (wo)man in His own image”? What if I had thought about the fact that my name is theophoric (a term I just learned on Wikipedia while researching this article), meaning that I am named after God?
  • Or I could have reasoned out something like this: “Who is like God?” Nobody. I’m named after God, and I’m created in His image, and the Bible says that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. So who is like Micah?
  • Nobody.
  • This blog is for everyone who needs it and enjoys it. But is especially for those who have spent a long time trying to fit in and always trying to be good, and failing completely most of the time and feeling empty when you manage to succeed. It is for those whose beds have ever been their prisons. It is for those college students who are wondering whether or not God came with them to campus. It is for us young Christians who can’t seem to find the hope we need on the one place we spend the most time – the internet. It’s for those who don’t know what they want to do after they graduate. It’s for those who don’t know what they should be doing next week. It’s for those black girls who have ever looked at their wash and go and wanted to rip their hair out in frustration. It’s for those black girls who have ever looked at the news and wanted to rip their hearts out in frustration. It is for you who have ever been unwanted because you were different – from your family, from everybody else at your high school, from the other people in your church. It is for those artists that lost the energy to create somewhere along the way. It is for those who feel utterly, completely helpless in the face of their own lives. It is for those who are just beginning to lose the desire to want more. It is for those who are still hoping that there could be more.
  • Trust me, I get it. I was there. I’m still battling to get out of there. I see you.
  • This blog is for you.
  • And remember, there is no one else like you. (No matter what your name is!)



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    I love the explanation about your name and God!

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      Thank you Mommy!

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    Congratulations on the launch of your blog Micah! It’s AWESOME!

    Mommy & Daddy – Your #1 Fans!

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      Thanks Mommy and Daddy!

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