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How to Actually Accomplish Things #4: The Importance of De-Cluttering

Life and Growth

Want to get a quick picture of the state of your life? Look your living space(s). Is it clean and neat and organized? Or is it a mess with clothes, books, and random bits of paper strung everywhere? Would an outsider be able to tell exactly where you’ve been in your car? Or do you regularly throw away the McDonald’s wrappers? I believe that cleaning out your living space is also a way of cleaning out your heart and mind. It puts you in a position to focus on your work, feel at peace, and hear the ideas in your mind and the messages that God wants to give you more clearly....

About the Name of This Blog

Life and Growth

Micah. According to the Easton Bible Dictionary, it means “Who is like God?” Clearly it is meant to be a rhetorical question. Isn’t that perfect for me who wants to be a writer – my name is a grammar lesson taught by English teachers everywhere. But for all of my wordsmithing powers, for a long time I did not understand what the supposedly obvious answer to this question was. For a long time when thinking about my name, my logic went something like this: “Who is like God?” Well, nobody, of course. So I guess the answer to my name is nobody. I guess my name is synonymous with nobody....